Past Presidents


2022-2023 Susan Brown, City of Gresham

2020-2022 Ron Harker, City of Roseburg

2019-2020 Kathleen Leader, Clean Water Services

2018-2019 Lisa Young

2017-2018 Tod Burton, Tualatin Valley Water District 

2016-2017  Don Hudson, City of Tualatin

2015-2016  Heidi Starks

2014-2015   Anne Baker, City of Florence

2013-2014   Roger Dawes, Washington County

2011-2013   Jeff White, Marion County

2010-2011   Michelle Hawkins, Linn County

2009-2010   Bernice Bagnall, Tualatin Valley Water District

2008-2009   Dean Stephens, Benton County

2007-2008   Shirley Baron Kelly, City of Beaverton

2006-2007   Michael Robison, Clatsop County

2005-2006   Mary Gruss, City of Hillsboro

2004-2005   Darin Provost, City of Portland

2003-2004   Mary Otley, Benton County

2002-2003   Terry McCall, City of Gresham

2001-2002   Julia Staigers, Yamhill County

2000-2001   Robert Moody, Jr., City of Wilsonville

1999-2000   Marc Gonzales, Clackamas County

1998-1999   Wayne Lowry, Washington County

1997-1998   Patrick Pine, Unified Sewerage Agency

1996-1997   Joanne Stumpf, City of Grants Pass

1995-1996   Lance Colley, City of Roseburg

1994-1995   Rosemary Padgett, City of Cornelius

1993-1994   Dave Boyer, Multnomah County

1992-1993   Clark Ruggles, Benton County

1991-1992   Judy Wendland, City of Lebanon

1990-1991   Bonnie Kraft, City of Gresham

1989-1990   John Stahl, City of Albany

1988-1989   Kathy Tri, City of Springfield

1987-1988   Dotty Tryk, City of Grants Pass

1986-1987   Kathy Field, City of Eugene

1984-1985   Jon Jalali, City of Medford

1983-1984   Gary Holliday, City of Albany

1982-1983   George Shelley, City of Grants Pass

1981-1982   Joan Howard, City of Monmouth

1980-1981   Roland Campbell, City of Baker City

1979-1980   Del Funk, City of Dallas

1978-1979   Bernice Barinaga, City of Hillsboro

1977-1978   Patricia Plunkett, City of Newport

1976-1977   Patricia Plunkett, City of Newport

1975-1976   Jerry Hortsch, City of Corvallis

1974-1975   Jerry Hortsch, City of Corvallis

1973-1974   Sherman Flogstad, City of Eugene

1972-1973   Roland Caton, City of Astoria

1971-1972   Julia Johnson, City of Bend

1970-1971   John Buol, City of Oregon City

1969-1970   Robert Nelson, City of Ashland

1968-1969   Marvin Gause, City of Eugene

1967-1968   Marjorie Kerber, City of Beaverton

1966-1967   N.L. Teague, City of Springfield

1965-1966   W.E.White, City of Florence

1964-1965   John Thomas, City of the Dalles

1963-1964   Dale Curry, City of Astoria

1962-1963   France Juris, City of Prineville

1961-1962   Thomas Beaty, City of Eugene

1960-1961   Howard Brandvold, City of Salem

1959-1960   Sherwood Felker, City of Portland